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Hawaiian Sunrise Series Characters

Anouhea Genelle Davidson (Ana)- Lead lady of the story

Valentino Alejandro Montoya (Val)

The Kolohes

Lana Esperanza Castillo (Lani)

Baylee Claire Thurston (Baby)

Mason Nikolas Zeller (Horndog)

Friends of the Kolohes
Zyon Rockford

Tryston Malachi Rockford

The Shark Demons

Kai Edward Johnson


Ana's Family

Bradley Davidson

Kamea Davidson

Nohea Davidson

Adrian Davidson (Noa)

Liliana Shones

Val's Family

Elian Montoya
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Val's Condo

Let's take a little tour around Val's Waikiki condo.

Walk in through Val's entrance

Living room

Outside patio and jacuzzi


Dining room and kitchen


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Alaula- Chapter One


The first thing on my agenda today was school. I was a student at University of Hawaii at Manoa. My freshmen year was rapidly coming to an end and I was so happy that things were working out great. My grades were passable and I was even pretty popular…of course only to the freshmen. The upper classmen really didn’t know who I was; only that I was beautiful and upbeat. I WAS pretty… But that don’t mean anything when people don’t even know what the hell your name is. I really didn’t take offense…I still had 3 more years left of school so that gave me ample time to meet other people and gain a upper hand in popularity. No rush to be the best and prettiest girl there was.

This morning I sat waiting for class to start. Lana who was in the same class as I was, sat next to me blowing on her nails that she had just painted a bright orange. I shook my head at her. That girl loved orange with a passion. Me, I was more a pink girl. I know, I know… typical girl color, but hey! I can’t help what I like! Lana glanced over at me and I smiled at my best friend. She was so outgoing and loud. “Girl, what you think of my color this time?” She asked me throwing her hands out towards me. I glanced at her nails again and giggled saying, “They’re definitely you, boo.” She sat back in her chair all smiles.

“I know, right? Lanilicious!”

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RaTs: Lone Bunny

Eye of the Storm

Author: Bitz
Title: Eye of the Storm
Rating: PG-13 (language warning)
Challenge: Honeydew #22. Midnight Snack
Butter Pecan 18. Sticky
Topping/Extra: Fresh Peaches-Cancer:You're in line with your warrior instincts today, Cancer, which reminds you to align with your dreams. The tricky part is how you're going to plan your attack so that there's an equal balance of give and take. Today's prevailing energies may catch you in a difficult situation. Sometimes an outwardly directed, argumentative approach is the only way to push through the roadblock.
Story: Hawaiian Sunrise Series (Alaula)
Summary: Ana and Lana talk about the web that Ana put herself in.
Word Count: 738
A/N: Almost done with my Butter Pecan flavor

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Sleeping Shadow

Author: Bitz
Title: Sleeping Next to Shadows
Rating: PG
Green Tea #24. bedtime
Marshmallow #24. sleepover
Butter Pecan #18. sticky
Topping/Extra: Caramel (Second Story-Val's been in Spain for 3 months now)
Story: Hawaiian Sunrise Series- Lilikoa
Summary: Ana tries to help Elian get ready for bed
Word Count: 504
I decided that I'm going to give Hearts on Fire a rest and try to develop this story more than I have.

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Baby Ana's World

Author: Bitz
Title: Luau
Rating: G
Challenge: Butter Pecan #12. Savory
Topping/Extra: Pocky, cherry on top, (1st person), whipped cream (Ana is 11 months)
Story: Hawaiian Sunrise Series
Summary: Baby Ana's world
Word Count: 100
A/N: Last one of Butter Pecan! Man, this was as long as Pumpkin Pie! Glad to be finished with it

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Tidal Wave of Rage

I smiled coming inside the door, hoping to smell Ana's cooking. "Hime...I'm home." There was silence and then I heard the sound of Ana's heels quickly coming towards me. I looked in the hallway seeing her striding toward me. My smile dropped as I caught her hardened glare. She was pissed and I had no idea why. "Baby...what...?" My sentence was cut short as her hand caught my cheek in a severe slap. Time stood still and my hand went up to my reddened face. "A..Anouhea..." I gasped out in shock.

She was like a merciless tidal wave as she yelled out. "You asshole! How dare you take advantage of me?!" I shook my head not understanding at first, but when I finally realized that had seen that kind of fire in her eyes before, my heart sank. She had found out about the Sharks.

It was silent. Ana stood there, breathing hard with her hands in her fists and shaking. I so badly wanted to hold her in my arms, but I knew that I was in the wrong and if she slapped me, who knows what she would do next? I cautiously looked up into her eyes.

"How did you find out?"

Ana scoffed. "Of all the things you start out saying to me. I don't even get an apology. You wanna know how? I found out by finding Kai beating down some guy in an alley on the way home from hula practice. I was about to send his ass to jail!"

I winced. Kai had done his mission like I asked, but was careless and got caught by the worst person. I knew with his loyalty to me, Ana must have said something about Lana to get him to confess. It didn't matter now.

I was in deep shit.

Ana brought me back to reality by pushing me back. "How? How could you do this me? To me! When you knew what I had been through before with you, Valentino!"

"Baby!" I held my hands out to try to fix the situation a little. "I was in the gang before you even came back to Hawaii! How was I supposed to tell you that? I was trying to make us work again!" Every word I told her was the truth.

But she wasn't buying it. Fury had clouded reason by now and as she stepped forward, I resisted the urge to hold up my arms to defend myself. Her anger was that bad.

"Oh, that's such bullshit, Val! If that were the case, you should have left me alone when you saw me at The Firefly because you would have known my feelings wouldn't have changed." She passed by me and I followed her desperately, knowing that I was losing the best thing my life. "Anouhea, please listen to me!" I grabbed her wrist softly but she wrenched it away, heading for the bedroom.

"Why bother? It's obvious to me now that you don't give a damn about me and never have!" I glared this time running behind her. "That's a damn lie!"

We entered the bedroom and I stopped in my tracks watching her put a heap of clothes in her suitcase. "Is it? If that were so, Val, I wouldn't be packing. Dammit, you're the leader! You even lied to me about the tattoo." She hissed out as she kept packing; her waves falling over her shoulders.

"Why are you packing? Where are you going?" I asked in a soft voice. I was hoping we could work this out tonight.

She paused before looking up with tear filled eyes that broke my heart. "I'm going home, Val. Where I should have been in the first damn place instead of being with you. Where my friends are." She sniffed. "I left them for you...so don't you dare stop me."

Knowing that I had lost the war, and not really knowing what else to say, I nodded and Ana zipped up her luggage and walked out of my bedroom with it. As she headed for the front door, my bridge broke and I dashed up to her and did the only thing I knew to do at the time. This was my last chance! I kneeled in front of her and hugged her around her waist. This couldn't be happening not again. Not my heart! I was so distressed I hadn't even noticed that I was now sobbing out in my native tounge.

"Cariño, por favor, no me dejan ... te necesito más que cualquier otra cosa. No soy nada sin ti!"

I knew Anouhea understood me but she slowly looked down at me and said in cold voice, "You know, a few weeks ago that sentence would have worked wonders on me. But it won't this time, Valentino Montoya. I won't let you take advantage of my love again. Ever."

I was stunned. My arms dropped from her body and Ana walked past me and outside saying, "Goodbye Val."

I watched her walk out the door and out of my life and as a tear rolled down my face I only whispered three words.

Adios, mi amor...

Translations: "Love, please, don't leave me ... I need you more than anything else. I am nothing without you"
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Family: Montoya

Santiago Montoya
Santiago was a victim of gang violence however nobody knew the true reason for his death but Elian. He died telling his oldest child to help take care of the gang. Elian lied to the authorities afterwards saying that a robber killed him.

Juanita Montoya
A once plump joyful mother of 3. Ever since Santiago was killed Juanita was a depressed chaotic mess, wondering why and never knowing the dark secret that her husband was involved in back then and what her sons are involved in now.

Elian Montoya
Being the oldest child in Elian's mind did not mean taking care of the family and being the man of the house, but instead meant taking over part of the gang his father left him in. Being there first hand at his father's murder and the hardship of being in a hardcore gang for 5+ years has made Elian less than sane. Trigger happy and violent, Elian has been known for doing wild and reckless things such as shooting his own brother and nearly causing his death. He has no regrets and declares that everything he does is for the good of the gang.

Alegria Montoya
Not being known for conquering her problems, Alegria took flight after her father's death. Moving to Brazil with her Uncle Thiago and has lived their ever since. She knows about her brothers' gang situations more than her mother does and even knew about the deadly altercation between Val and Eli. Her excuse for not telling her mother was that she was terrified and doesn't want to be involved. Other than that, Aley is a strong business woman and loves taking care of her uncle, aunt and cousins. She loves her mother dearly and keeps in touch but declares that she will never set foot back in CA.

Valentino Montoya
The youngest of the Montoya family but also the most strongest. Where Elian was supposed to take care of the family, Val took up the responsibility, taking care of the house and his mother's welfare with no hesitation. He fell in love with Anouhea and did everything for his woman-even tried to leave the gang he had been loyal to for years. That was an almost fatal blow for him and because of that he also reluctantly took leave and went to Hawaii to go to school. However the Montoya traits of pride and leadership took over and overwhelmed him and he was made infamous in Oahu by making his own gang- Silver Sharks. He decided to let all of it go when Anouhea came back into his life, favoring life over death. He is a fun, charming being and tries to give more than receiving.